Technical SEO audits

What is a technical SEO audit? 

Think of it as being like your car inspection. An exhaustive list of technical issues that will
– make your pages load faster
– make the content clearer to search engines
– reduce the dead weight and clutter that may have built up,
– eliminate errors

Why do I need one?

The technical aspects of your site covered by the audit are important for two reasons :
– Search engines look for them to assess if a page is well-made and of good quality,
– Certain elements ( markup, semantic HTML5 markup …) remove ambigiuty and help search engines to understand precisely what the page is about.

All of which will get your page ranked higher !

What does the technical audit include?

It covers pretty much every technical aspect that search engines take into consideration :

  • Page loading speed,
  • Clean URLs,
  • Alt tags + title tags,
  • Logical H1 / H2,
  • Semantic HTML5,
  • Robots.txt,
  • Index / noindex of the pages,
  • Mobile-friendly,
  • File extensions in URLs,
  • Pagination management,
  • markup categories / products for eCommerce,
  • markup corporation, blog etc,
  • 3xx list & cleanups,
  • 4xx list & cleanups,
  • Canonicals & HREF lang,
  • Social Metas,
  • Filesize and dimensions of images,
  • HTTP2,
  • Social Sharing buttons,
  • Review platforms
    … and many others.

What form is the audit delivered in?

The audit is delivered as a multi-tab Google Sheet as I have found this to be far more useful to my clients than a pdf. The first tab contains the overview as a table with a column listing the issues, another column listing the solution and referencing another tab containing the detailed information about the issue, a column for who the task is assigned to, and so on.

The tabs about server errors contain lists of urls. The tabs about images contain image paths, sizes etc. The tab about semantic html contains screenshots of the clients’ site pages with annotations for the position of the sematic tags. The tab about schema markup contains the markup and instructions about where it needs to be

How much does it cost?

This really depends on the size of your site and the complexity of the site structure. However, a basic site audit for a small to medium-sized site costs surpisingly little compared to the benfits it brings!

Please contact me on my contact page for more information .