Technical SEO audits and consulting

Conference SEO CAMP’US, Paris, March 29th 2019 :

presentation card for Hugo Scott at the SEO Campus conference in Paris 29-03-2019

Welcome to my site!

With 15 years’ experience of coding, site development and SEO, I offer a range of services in the domain of technical SEO that will make a real diffrence to your site.

So, what is technical SEO?

Technical SEO covers a wide number of aspects of your site that are important because

  • search engines use them as an indicator of the quality of your site and therefore they are an essential factor in ranking your pages,
  • they help search engines to understand who you are, what you do and why people should trust you rather than anyone else,
  • they improve the user experience, keeping the user on your site and making them want to come back.

How do I know what needs to be improved?

The simplest way is to do a Technical SEO Audit, which will give you a bespoke actionable list of issues on your site and what you need to do to resolve them.

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